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In this segment, ProSiebenSat.1 bundles its Online Video, Online Games, Ventures & Commerce and Music activities. We consistently gain ACCESS TO NEW MARKETS with strong growth prospects.


484EUR m


External revenues in the Digital & Adjacent segment rose by 44.5 % to EUR 484 million in 2013 (previous year: EUR 335 million). The digital commerce business contributed EUR 222 million to revenues, again driving the segment’s growth the most.



In 2013, SevenOne Media was the number one in the German advertising market for in-stream video ads with a market share of 48 %.



Last year, ProSiebenSat.1 expanded its online travel segment considerably, and this business area is expected to continue growing dynamically in the future. Claas van Delden (39) is responsible for the development of the travel segment. The business administration graduate and Managing Director of SevenVentures is convinced of the strategic investments in the travel sector: “In the medium term, we want to generate a three-digit million amount with our activities in the travel segment.”

Mr. van Delden, what makes the online travel market so attractive for ProSiebenSat.1?

Claas van delden: Its incredible momentum: The internet travel market is one of the largest e-commerce markets and also benefits enormously from TV advertising. This combination creates an extremely interesting field of investment for us.

In 2013, SevenVentures acquired an array of leading companies in the travel sector, specifically, mydays and the online travel providers and What target are you pursuing by doing this?

Claas van delden: The acquisitions complement our existing platforms, the tour operator tropo, the websites and, and our stake in HolidayInsider. We have thus built up our own “house of travel” in less than two years. Our target is to offer all of a vacationer’s needs from a single source: from flights, accommodation and rental cars to all important climate and weather data and things to do and see at the destination.

What advantages arise from the interaction of the individual travel brands?

Claas van delden: The potential synergy is enormous. The individual offers mutually strengthen and promote each other, and can pass traffic among themselves. For example, we can offer a customer trips from our tour operator tropo and follow up a booking by offering a rental car from billigermietwagen’s range. In addition to the growth driver of TV advertising, the close cooperation of the companies adds a second important aspect. This intensive integration with mutual push effects makes the concept so unique and promising of success.

Do you still reach internet users interested in travel via traditional television advertising?

Claas van delden: Very well, in fact. Travel brands are virtually tailor-made for the visual and emotive medium of TV. They are therefore a focus of our e-commerce strategy. Television advertising builds up high reach and therefore awareness in internet-savvy target groups faster than any other medium.

You mentioned the „house of travel”. Do you plan to establish further “houses”?

Claas van delden: Yes, we are at the moment building up comparable thematic clusters in the fashion or home & living area. Also in these segments, we want to bundle leading offers that are mutually complementary. The sectors may differ one from another, but they all have one thing in common: Their growth is based on a strong and solid fundament — and this is our successful TV business.


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