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Conrad AlbertHeidi StopperDr. Christian WegnerThomas Ebeling (CEO)Axel Salzmann (CFO)

Members of the Executive Board

Conrad Albert


Legal, Distribution & Regulatory Affairs,
Public Affairs,
Shareholder & Boards Management and
International free TV CEE
Member of the Executive Board
since October 1, 2011

Heidi Stopper


Human Resources,
Compensation and Benefits,
HR People Development,
HR Processes and Controlling,
Labor Law and Freelance Management
Member of the Executive Board
since October 1, 2012

Dr. Christian Wegner


Digital & Adjacent, Digital Entertainment
(Online Video, Music Streaming, Online
Games, Screen Management), Digital
Commerce, Adjacent (Music, Live, Events,
Ticketing, Artist-Management, Smart
Member of the Executive Board
since October 1, 2011

Thomas Ebeling (CEO)


TV Germany (SAT.1, ProSieben, kabel eins, sixx,
SAT.1 Gold, ProSieben MAXX), Group Content,
Group Program Strategy & Development,
Content Production & Global Sales,
Sales & Marketing and Corporate Communication
CEO since March 1, 2009

Axel Salzmann (CFO)


Group Operations and IT,
Group Controlling,
Group Finance and Investor Relations,
Accounting and Taxes,
Internal Audit and Administration
Member of the Executive Board,
since May 1, 2008,
CFO since July 1, 2008